What is Intellectual Property?

Intellectual Property is an entitlement claim to, impose inalienable rights in regards to intellectual endeavors such as inventions, creative works, symbols, names, and images used in commercial or public forums. With a broad application to a number of sectors Intellectual Property is typically divided into two categories – Industrial Property and Copyright.

Industrial Property includes Trademarks and Patents. A Trademark can be applied to a  design or emblem used to distinguish the goods or services of a business or professional undertaking from the goods or services of other businesses or professional undertakings. A patent is the legal claim granted to protect an invention.

The other main area of Intellectual Property is Copyright. Copyright is the legal protection granted to the creator of an original creative works. This is the exclusive right granted to perform, authorize, or prohibit certain acts in relation to the Copyrighted work.

In 2000 Belize joined the World Intellectual Property Organization (www.wipo.org) and signed onto the Patent Cooperation Treaty (articles). Since doing so, Belize has enacted a comprehensive set of modern Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) registration and protection laws.   You can find a list of (and links to) the relevant statutes and regulations and the date of their enactment under Supplementary Information.

Allow CILTrust International Inc. utilize their expertise and network of specialists in assisting you with any of your intellectual property needs. Our established legal subsidiaries can accommodate all your needs, and even offer consultation in other jurisdictions as well.

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