CIL (HONG KONG) LIMITED incorporated since 2005 offers comprehensive Global Service to you. Our size and reach means that our multi-disciplinary teams are able to support international clientele in both their day-to-day needs and strategic objectives. We take a cross sector approach that is critical to the success of your cross-border trade and investments. We offer a menu of services from which structures can be tailored to suit specific needs and also bring to you the advantages of various jurisdictions working with you to customize services, utilizing banking facilities and tax treaties.

Hong Kong, located in the south east coast of China is a former British colony, which became a Special Administrative Region (SAR) of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) with effect from July 1, 1997. It continues to have high autonomy in the running of its affairs under a one country, two systems concept. The legal system of Hong Kong is British Common Law supplemented by locally enacted Ordinances. There is a bilingual system with Ordinances being translated into Chinese but English continues to prevail. Hong Kong has a population of approximately 7 million.

A Hong Kong international financial company is an excellent corporate structure to help with financial business relating to manufacturing, trade and other services and provides entrepreneurs with an efficient gateway to the huge economy of China. As a premier financial hub in the Asia Pacific region, Hong Kong provides a secure and respected banking environment. It is known not only for being the leading South East Asian centre for both finance and commerce, but also the world’s largest financial centre after New York and London with the Hong Kong Stock Exchange being the most active in Asia outside of Japan. Hong Kong is ranked as one of the freest economy in the world where all the top banks are present, thus presenting a strong image for potential investors.


Many features of its legislation make Hong Kong companies attractive:

  1. No direct corporate taxes on foreign earned profits.
  2. Sound legal system.
  3. No exchange control or restrictions.
  4. Efficient transport/communication networks.
  5. A Hong Kong corporation is not perceived as a “tax avoidance” vehicle.
  6. Excellent political stability.
  7. Sound internationally compliant jurisdiction.
  8. Can do business anywhere in the world.
  9. Can do business with any jurisidiction globally.
  10. Official language – Chinese and English.
  11. Can be used for efficient business planning by opening a secure international financial bank account with all state-of-the-art services in a well-respected international financial jurisdiction
  12. Double Taxation Treaties with major countries like:
  • Belgium
  • Luxembourg
  • Vietnam
  • Thailand
  • China

Thereby assisting with making the cost of doing cross border business less costly.

After incorporating your international financial company, we can assist you with opening a bank account. All reputable banks require detailed personal/business information on the owner/s, controlling officers and authorized signatories to an account.


a) Photo Identification – a clear certified passport copy and a copy of a second photo I.D.

b) References – A bankers and/or professional reference

c) Verification of actual owner/s, controlling officers and authorized signatories residential addresses; their occupations and business operation location

d) Company documents – Apostille set of the complete company documents to include:

  • Articles of Incorporation (in Chinese)
  • Official English Translation of Articles of Incorporation
  • Resident Agent
  • Resident Office
  • Optional Nominee Directors
  • Nominee director resignation letters
  • First Minutes of the Board (whereby the subscribers renounce their legal rights to one share each)
  • Share Certificates

Due Diligence:

By law all banks are required to know their clients in full detail. There is no such thing as “anonymity”.


While the due diligence requirement is paramount in the opening of account procedures, the banking secrecy regulations stipulate that such information must remain strictly confidential and can only be divulged if so demanded by a Hong Kong Court of law and in such cases, only if there is a criminal element involved and under investigation in Hong Kong.

Unauthorized disclosure of confidential banking information of any kind by either bankers or registered agents is strictly prohibited and subject to severe financial and criminal penalties.

International Financial Company – Bank Account

An international financial company is not required to hold its bank account in the country of incorporation and in many cases chooses not to. We work with banks in many countries and jurisdictions including:

a) Belize

b) Seychelles

The banks we work with include:

a) Heritage International Bank & Trust of Belize Limited

b) Choice Bank Limited

If you would like further information or want to discuss any aspect of international financial banking please Contact Us .