Limited Liability Companies

With the aim of offering an array of international financial services, CILTrust International Inc. keeps an avid watch for asset protecting and wealth management financial services to offer our clientele. Provision of Limited Liability Companies in Nevis has been a recent addition to our financial services product base.

A Limited Liability Company is a hybrid company that offers the best attributes of corporations and partnership entities, mainly limited personal liability and one-level of taxation. With this in mind and with a commitment to offering our clients the best in international financial services, CILTrust International Inc. has added to our services Nevis Limited Liability Companies (Nevis LLCs).

Nevis LLCs have no corporate tax, income tax, withholding tax, stamp tax, asset tax, exchange controls or other fees or taxes that are levied in Nevis on asset, or income originating outside of Nevis. In addition, no annual or other reports by members are required to be filed in the public records of Nevis since company records may be located anywhere in the world. Other features of the Nevis LLC are that the company may amend their Articles of Organization, merge or consolidate with other domestic or foreign Limited Liability Companies or other business entities. These LLCs have realistic uses in a number of different areas specifically: international finance and investment, real estate holding, estate planning, asset protection, professional practices, and joint ventures.

In addition to these special features of Nevis LLCs, these companies have additional advantages for the consumer. Namely,

  • None of the owners are exposed to personal liability.
  • The owners can participate in management without becoming personally liable for the companies debts.
  • LLCs do not have stock limitations and can issue preferred interest equivalent to preferred stock.
  • LLCs provide a method where managers can limit the authority of non-managing members.
  • The ownership of an LLC has no limitations.


The following fee summary is for the first year registration to form Nevis Limited Liability Companies.

  • Each LLC without the use of our Manager services
  • Each LLC with the one Nominee
  • Incorporation of 10 or more LLC at any one time-(special rate offered)

CILTrust will bear the courier cost for single orders of 10 or more companies.

The following fee summary is for the annual registration of the LLC inclusive of registered office/agent services.

With regards to Management Services, annual fees are due every year on the date of appointment. The following is the fee summary for these management services.

  • Corporate Manager
  • Signing on behalf as Manager

CILTrust can assist with the establishment of corporate accounts.

In addition, any time spent of client’s business, other than the Included above, will be billed on a time cost basis.

All out-of-pocket expenses are fully recoverable.

Finally, in order to complete the process in the formation of a Nevis LLC the following will need to be remitted:

  1. At least three names in order of priority for the name of the company.
  2. A notarized copy of the passport of each member.
  3. A bank/attorney reference on each member of the LLC.
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