Estate, Retirement & Succession Solutions

CILTrust offers a broad range of estate, retirement and succession planning solutions. These solutions allow families to transition their wealth from one generation to the next. Our professionals include experienced wealth structurers and business developers, knowledgeable in fulfilling the needs of families and in structuring these families’ worldwide assets in a way that protects the wealth and interests of their future generations.

We go to great lengths to offer families maximum value and personalized service. We are at the forefront of delivering assurance services and compliant solutions, supported by our secure industry-leading IT infrastructure and systems.

Our Estate, Retirement and Succession Solutions include:

Utilizing a diverse team of tax, inheritance, and estate legal professionals, CILTrust can tailor estate planning and succession structures for HNW families the world over. CILTrust is uniquely positioned to assist family offices in regards to investment structuring, trade transactions, asset protection, financial planning, business and family succession, and estate planning. We can also have solutions to help protect clients’ assets against excessive financial claims. CILTrust provides trust, foundation, company and partnership solutions from the following countries: Belize, Hong Kong, Seychelles as well as over a dozen other jurisdictions.

CILTrust offers Private Placement Life Insurance, a flexible approach to estate planning for high-net-worth individuals and entrepreneurs, allowing them to define a legacy plan tailored to their family’s current needs whilst retaining the flexibility to adjust the plans according to any future changes in family circumstances and the external environment.


For more information on CILTrust’s PPLI, visit:

This program is ideal for retired persons seeking to stretch their dollars in a relaxed atmosphere set in a country of tropical beauty and diverse culture. Its primary objective is to encourage and promote the inflow of foreign capital into Belize by offering certain tax exemptions, privileges, benefits, and incentives to Qualified Retired Persons (QRP). Such persons receive both financial and personal benefits.

CILTrust can assist you in qualifying and benefiting from this revolutionary program.

For specific groups of ultra-high-net-worth families, CILTrust provides private office services that are independent of any banking and asset management relations the client may already have. We assist in the set-up of a single family office or selection of a multi-family office provider. We provide fiduciary and administrative support, IT support, wealth consolidation reports, mapping of client and families’ legal structures and tangible assets.

CILTrust’s Social Giving Solutions team will help you determine the types of investments that offer the best combination of return and social impact, as well as guiding you through structuring your investments, measuring your social and financial impact as well as defining your personal role in the investment effort.

With our global presence, we can deliver truly local knowledge in your social impact investment drive, no matter where in the world you want to make a difference.

To learn more about our CILTrust’s Estate, Retirement and Succession Solutions or to speak to one of our specialists you can contact us by using the live chat feature on our site, the contact form or by email at

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