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CILTrust offers a number of services to establish a physical presence to satisfy requirements of legislation in the EU that orders companies that operate outside of its country formation to have proof of physical presence in order to be accepted by authorities as a legitimate company.

Some Features of Our Services:

  • Virtual Office with dedicated or shared phone number
  • Full physical office presence, with all utilities including Belize IP addresses, website and hosting services (that can be monitored 24/7 remotely)
  • Full call center services that include inbound and outbound calls

To learn more about how CILTrust can provide a physical presences or to speak to one of our specialists you can contact us by using the live chat feature on our site, the  contact form or by email at  You can also fax us your inquiries at: +011 501-223-3501 or speak to specialists in our main office at: +011 501-223-3738

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