Accounting Solutions

Our services include a full range of financial and accounting, legal and compliance solutions, offering clients options to outsource their non-core activities. We offer proven experience in global outsourcing solutions and total commitment to our clients. We are a provider of a broad spectrum of business solutions in the field of Outsourcing of Business and Knowledge Processes (BPO and KPO) that are tailor-made to fit each client’s specific requirements.

Our solutions offer the flexibility you need to reduce time-to-market across jurisdictions. Our services are designed to relieve clients of time-consuming work, so they can focus their time, energy and resources on higher value-added activities. Our services combine our process expertise with strong technology including the latest industry standard software and hardware solutions.

To learn more about our CILTrust’s Accounting Solutions or to speak to one of our specialists you can contact us by using the live chat feature on our site, the contact form or by email at

You can also fax us your inquiries at +011 501-223-3501 or speak to specialists in our main office at +011 501-223-3738

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